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Welcome to Mandala Medicine page

Welcome to Mandala Medicine Art!

Our journey with mandala is about to start. There is so much to discover around this universal symbol of Unity and Oneness.

Why Mandala Medicine?

I will take you through my personal journey with this archetypal form and how I discover its healing abilities and incredible sense of wholeness and beauty within by just simply drawing them.

The medicine itself is revealed by simply DOing the Art of Mandala and finding the inner BEingness and inner stillness within. The medicine of Mandala is endless, as the symbol of infinity itself.

You can find your own unique way to express mandala and your unique perception of its medicine. One of the great medicines of mandala are:

  • tool of self-discovery

  • unconscious way of healing oneself

  • form of art expression

  • discovering beauty within

  • inner reflection of self

  • outside reflection of the entire Universe

  • interconnection

  • reconnection with your surrounding, or self

  • finding your centre

  • capturing the beauty of nature

  • tool of art therapy

  • ancient practice

  • practise of awakening

  • journey towards Self

  • sense of wholeness

  • and so much more….

Let the journey with Mandala Medicine Art begins :)

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