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There is never enough time in the day..

..but I finally found a time to finish it ! This simple black and white mandala is done.:)

The actual process of drawing is always so calming and force me to slow down, especially my ‘to-do list’ running in my mind all the time. The final accomplishment of each piece bring me always great sense of wholeness.

Yet Not always I will find a time to ‘just sit down’ and ‘just be in the process of creating’. I am very good to put other things more important or better than simple moment of mindfulness. Here I need to do this, I need to go there, I have forgotten this.. and the right time appears when is late evening and I really need to go sleep.

And how is it in your life, do you find enough time to be creative? Or do you constantly bring other ‘things’ as a priority in your day rather finding the time for the healing power of self-expression / creativity?

Not All of us have been brought up in a mindset that ability to be creative have everyone, that self-expression and any form of creativity is essential for our well-being.

All it takes is to observe all the narratives and beliefs about this subject. Let know yourself and What is more valuable and important in your daily life.

What is your excuses and narratives blocking you to sit down and draw, to play music and sing or dance, to get the sawing machine from the garage ?

Maybe next time , instead of sit down and watching tv, you will find the great pleasure to put a paper and pencil down, and magically fall into the mindful process of creating mandala or anything your heart’s desire.

Let me know How you’re doing :)

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