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The Great Break

The Great Break..

When your life shows yout the unhealthy distractions of your own mind..all the ways you escaping from stillness, all the ways you are filling your worthiness with empty illusions.

When Life shows you all the structures and beliefs which keeps your head “in the box”- so narrow minded, so locked in one way.

Art and Life has so much in common. To be in the patterns of our own conditioned structures keeps us closed minded in our creative ways. 

In the last few weeks losing my phone was the best “awakener” to my own mind, to my perception how I keep myself “overbusy” and always distracted by something “more important” then the Calm and Clear space between the Life od DOing.

To be able to change or be open to different Creative ways is to be open to everyday Life challenges.

What If this happend tomorrow, What If I will ended up sad again.. What If they do this, what If happens..

So much preconditiong of our own future is happening just through thinking about it. “What If” is a great distractor form what IS NOW. WHat If .. should be deleted from the vocubulary and operation of our own mind. Because It is not real and We cannot never know WHAT is going to happend.

WHAT IF.. different form of ART won't work for me, WHat If I am not good to draw/ scatch/ paint this or that.. 

But When I allow myself to discover more parts of the Creative Self, to the inner curiousity: What else I can create? What can I use? How can I play? Does it matter how It ended up?

No, the important thing is now. How do you feel, what you smell, touch, what illusion/story is running through your mind.

Dont let thinking about future steal your precious and perfect moment of BEing here and now. AS in Life so in Creation too.


mandala: Posca pens and Acrylic on board

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