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My personal journey with Mandala..

My personal journey with Mandala

…has started about 6 years ago, in 2016, in my years of travelling and journey of deeply discovering myself- my desires, my passions, dreams but as well deep wounds, anxiety, insecurities and beliefs. To come back to creativity itself is another whole story to write (as probably for all of us:), but the mandala pattern occurred to me very unconsciously and at the times when I this healing tool really needed.

The meditative way of drawing mandala, the intricacies and symmetry brought me sense of order into my current chaos. The circle pattern and overall view of beauty of the mandala awoke in me feeling of wholeness and completion.

I became centred again, connected to myself.

Carl Jung - the very well known Swiss psychiatrist - describes that spontaneous attempt to draw mandalas means unconscious effort to Heal Oneself. And I know from my experience it definitely does :)

I am excited to share this tool with you.

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