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Meet yourself where you are..

I always wished to have everything perfect and meet everyone’s expectations. It was a fuel for my goals and visions. Not surprisingly, I always ended up with great exhaustion and disappointment, because at that time I didn't know that perfectionism or achieving others' expectations is a destroyer and killer of the journey and the vision itself. Back then, even my approach to creativity and Art showed up the same. Be perfect.

What a lie!

As I have been growing together with my relationship to creativity I have learned about perfectionism very deeply. Hand in hand,the healing of this false approach taught me one simple truth: Perfectionism is the definite killer of creativity!

Now I am learning through the other side, to embrace and accept all the imperfections which appear and show up through the process. Drawing mandalas became the great teacher of all regarding healing “the perfect me”.The intricacy and symmetry in general give a sense of “perfection”, but looking deeply You can always find the “not straight” lines or slightly different shape than “it should be”, and the list goes on and on. Yet When You look at the final piece it will always feel so Whole and Beautiful as it is. Does it reflect the beautiful yet so imperfect and messy life of all human beings?

I think so.

Today I ponder and meditate about this topic. The liberation is just here, right now, to meet yourself where you are and as YOU are- so messy, imperfect, yet beautiful and always evolving and growing. Same as your ART or Creativity itself.

Maybe it’s time to look at your creativity and ask yourself: Is this belief really the truth or am I hiding behind the curtains of perfection?

Creativity is never perfect and never finished. Creativity just IS.

Meet yourself and your creativity as They are.

‘’on picture: the perfect imperfection of mandala called Earth Star - acrylic paint on canvas.

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