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Mandala Medicine & Intuitive Art

Mandala Medicine means entering into the vast teaching of the sacred circle, of the universal symbol of connectedness and unity. The medicine of Mandala offers reflection of our inner self and our outer world, the mirror, the pure reflection of inner reality.

By practicing in this “safe space” of the circle We can find ease, direction and the concentration of the mind. There is no distraction to be offered, only the symbol by symbol, layer by layer and the quality lies in the moment, not in the quantity of liner or movements. itth Mandalas We can co-create the possibility of being in the middle - in the centre of the universe, and as well We offer the possibility to be one Of be within the circle, like dot next dot, symbol next to symbol. We appear to be equal to many.

Intuitive Art is without restriction. Intuitive Art find its rules in No rules. The power of Intuition is without logical understanding, The lesson lies in Trusting the process. Whatever form and shape the process takes, only the trust allow the creation to happen. There is no direction, no rules, no circles, only power of your intuitive self to be co creating in the Moment. Observing your thoughts and narratives, intuitive process can offer so many opportunities to understand yourself better. How do I talk to myself during the creation? Is it negative or positive self-talk ? How much do I trust myself during the creation? Who is leading me- my logical or intuitive part…

Keep discovering endless possibilities of Intuitive Art is so much fun, as well so much scarcity to “do It right”.

Lets play with those two opposites, Let’s find fun in this paradox of two different art forms.

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