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Life can be like a rollercoaster.

And sometimes I forgot what it feels to just BE, I can easily get lost in the rush and “importances” of life.

I stop to follow the basic rules of self-care, finding myself exhausted and “in the head”.

For few years now, the daily practise of yoga, set morning routine, food choices or the early hour of bedtime has been life-giving and sometimes life-saving.

We might not necessarily put creativity as a priority for our self-care, but What If is the one of the point where we can meet all the needs in our rush through the day ?

To consciously create a time for drawing- or better say: playing on the paper, we can easily access the space within we are desperately looking for.

The real change will happen once we realize that through the creative process itself, we can shift the focus from “the outer wolrd” into the “inner world”. From them to me. From busy to calm. From chaos to order. From confusion to clarity. From ego to soul..

Creativity is our birthright and powerful tool to access the Real Self.

I wish you a beautiful creative Sunday!

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