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In the process

When the ‘hunger’ for creativity and accomplishment meet, the magic happens.*

For a while this piece has been on my table and with all the time in the world (not really:) I haven’t been able to finish it until today.

Sometimes the energy of creation comes so natural to me and as an constant need to continue what wants to be expressed. Sometimes though, the process is long and divided into many days and hours.

I don’t Why, But with deeper trust and allowance of everything as it is I know every timing is the perfect timing 😋

I remember times when I was able to ‘put out’ on the paper drawing without being distracted from all the thoughts and judgements of: what’s next ? What should I draw ? Is it enough? And OMG- what a Freedom to be able to do that !..getting out of the way .. a pure energy flowing…

Maybe Creating something and Creativity itself is not about questioning What and How , maybe the key is to TAP INTO the right place within yourself and LET IT FLOW..✨🧑🏻‍🎨

So… Let it flow and get out of the way 😉

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