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I don’t know anything about colors..

…But besides my zero knowledge about colors and their right combinations, I still keep trying, or better said: playing. Another fear-based belief that can keep us from creativity is “lack of knowledge”.

I am with you If you haven’t studied any art - design - fashion or any creative school. Me neither. I am with you If you continuously apologize for your wishes and dreams for creative life, with lack of…. (fill the blank).

But What If the truth lies somewhere else, somewhere where the mind cannot ever reach. In the place where your soul and unique self-expression lie. Where NOTHING is good or bad, more or less beautiful. Where everything just IS - You and your creative gifts which waiting to be expressed.

It always all comes back to the roots of our knowing What creativity really means.

Do you think creativity or art classes should be marked at school?

Not, absolutely not.

Do you think that someone with a great passion for real drawings is better than someone with a love for abstract paintings?

No, absolutely not.

And even with those two completely different creative expressions, they both can find a great number of followers, and most importantly, the satisfaction and happiness of freeing yourself what is less or what is more.

I still don’t know what colors I will choose and how the mandala will look like. Yet I allow myself to be imperfect and let my soul into play. :)

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