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Coming back to Creativity

We probably all remember the time when we were kids and the endless cup of creativity and self-expression we had. I am sure you can relate, that somewhere along the track of growing up old, we somehow “lost it”.

I remember myself as a child, an absolute nerd of seeking any creative class or finding time drawing, painting, singing, playing with mud, clay, writing my first book (about aliens, I was 7, worth reading :).

But as well years later, I remember to put anything creative on the side, as not important, or not valuable and all the thoughts coming along: “ I am not creative…this is just for artistic people.. I wish I was born creative.. I can’t.. You have to be special to express creativity… I don’t have enough knowledge.. My parents are not creative,,” And The List goes on and on and ON.

Well, we all might be “blocked” from experiencing creativity- not from any external block, but from our INNER self. All the way we set the blocks of beliefs and thoughts WHAT does it mean creativity and its expression of it. As we all know - there can be many tools for expressing your creativity- your cooking, gardening, your way of bringing joy into daily life, your way of raising children. Find your way.

In my personal journey, Mandala medicine has been a great teacher to me. In this archetypal structure and following different patterns along with each layer I realized I don’t need to know how to draw a real horse or chair or anything at all to be creative. Mandala has taught me to observe any thoughts of “not-enoughness” or false identification with creativity itself. Mandala drawings have been leading me back to my center, to connect all “the lost” parts of myself.

Mandala has been a great tool to heal this great misunderstanding of creativity that most of us hold onto. I have put aside all judgments and shame around my mandala drawings. I have set an intention to find deeper meaning with creativity and mandala art itself.

> on the picture, my first mandala with acrylic colors

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