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Between spaces..

Between the ‘have to do ‘ and ‘should do’, there is this timezone called ‘between spaces’. Between my busy tasks, to-do lists, between ‘have to do’ and image of my self-importance ‘I have done today so much !’ There is this between space where I rest and settle down, in this space where I allow myself to put aside the illusion of ‘doing more means being better ‘, in this space I draw… I draw mandalas.

I wish I could come back to this ‘between space’ more often as the habit of self-importance is sometimes louder than is necessary.

I draw mandala not because I should or have to .. but because I want to.

I draw mandala to become centred and grounded. I create because I rest my mind and I can finally hear my breath again.

I invite you try mandala art 🙂 as your ‘turn off’ button for the busy mind.

What is your activity to create your time ‘between spaces’?

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