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Autumn Folklore 🍂

The journey of the self-discovery start with each and every step.. 🙂

In my honest eyes- it wasn’t my ‘favourite’ process of painting the mandala, because learning about my future oriented mind through this journey, the Autumn folklore brought me definitely a great lesson.:) How easily I want to see the outcome and be easily distracted from the creativity itself. So I started wondering:

How many tools can I use to ‘stick’ with the present moment, with what is happening now ?

The breath, the movement of the hand on the paper , awareness of the body, awareness of all the senses, the sound around, the feeling of brush on the canvas, the sensations when it flows or when it gets more difficult.... there are many ways How to bring the Art of Drawing to the Art of Mindfulness.

Unfortunately often the finishing line is more important to us than each little step taken, unless we choose to.

What do you think, How the world would look like without goal oriented mindset ?

Stay mindful, stay grounded in your body. Creativity can be great teacher to learn about yourself and so much more.

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