Mandala medicine art

Originally from Czech republic, I have been always driven to any creative modalities since childhood. Even when I knew how much I love to create things through my hands (drawings, ceramics, sawing), I had a long break from any creativity. I put myself into the belief that “I am not creative, I can not draw, I am not talented..” and probably like most of us, lived this lie until some time.

The major breakthrough came in difficult times and during my 5 years of traveling around the world, when I “had to '' find something to calm my mind, get centred and find stillness by “creating something”.

The journey with mandalas started around the year 2017, when I experienced great calming effects, inner stillness and mind clarity by drawing repetitive symbols. Mandala medicine art has evolved from playing with a simple, meditative style of zentangle art (by drawing simple structure patterns like lines, dots, etc) into mandala art which I have been practicing until now.

Nowadays, the inspiration of most of my artwork has been dedicated to the journey with mandala. This sacred meditative circle keeps coming back to my mind, to my thoughts or ideas, to be then expressed on the paper, canvas or wooden panel. For my work I intuitively choose colors and materials and you can see my main influence from fractals of nature - flowers and leaves especially.

Lately I have been more and more interested in studying sacred symbols of any kind. As well as my life-long dedication to study and to be able capture nature’s endless expression of beauty (trees especially).

Drawing mandalas is a unique way to express what it means DOing ART, to mainly find BEingness within. Mandala is a great teacher when starting or coming back to creativity. You will learn the ultimate truth that everyone is able to be creative and be uniquely expressive.

Sometimes It’s not very important the meaning behind the art, but a simple yet powerful act of Doing it, which can be more profound than keep all thoughts asking: Am I creative?

Yes, you are.  

Welcome to Mandala Medicine Art.

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